FACT OR FICTION? Prenatal Vitamins Help Your Hair Grow (when you’re not pregnant)


Last night I was watching an episode of the Bad Girls Club (I know it causes brain damage but it’s my guilty pleasure!) Anyway, one of the twins mentioned that she had gained a huge amount of water weight she couldn’t lose. Why you ask? She took prenatal vitamins to make her hair grow and the side effect was water weight. This got me thinking and honestly I know a few girls who have tried this technique and it didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. Either there were some side effects like water weight and upset stomach or their hair just didn’t grow at the lightning speed they expected. So I decided to go all mythbuster and scour the web to see what was what.

Here’s what I found:

  • You can take prenatal vitamins temporarily because they basically work as multivitamins; they just have a greater amount of folic acid, iron and other nutrients they are GREAT for hair.
  • Intake of prenatal vitamins for hair growth does not cause any serious side effects because they do not contain hormones.
  • However, excess of certain fat soluble vitamins may cause problems like upset stomach or constipation. It can also cause headache, nausea, vomiting, water weight gain and other similar issues in certain cases.
  • There is still no scientific study to confirm that taking prenatal vitamins will make your hair grow.
  • A scientifically proven effective vitamin found in prenatal pills is B vitamin. Hair consists of 80% protein; B complex helps rotate the growth circle quicker.
 What I think…

Vitamins are a MUST for healthy hair growth, if you’re not taking them you definitely should. So if you’re weary about the minor side effects of prenatal vitamins when you’re not preggo look for a B complex vitamin instead. If you like to live on the wild side there are no serious side effects associated with taking prenatal vitamins so go for it! Just make sure you keep the dosage low.

Plan C (for those who aren’t pill takers) buy your vitamin of choice in gel form and put it in your shampoo. Works just as well!

What do you think?  What are your experiences with taking hair supplements?



12 Comments on “FACT OR FICTION? Prenatal Vitamins Help Your Hair Grow (when you’re not pregnant)

    • I agree that it works, I bought Biotin in capsule form and put the powder content in my shampoo for two months. I’m not sure I can attribute all my hair growth over those months to the pills but I’m sure they helped with strengthening my hair!

  1. I’ve just started trying out prenatal vitamins. Apart from that I think castor oil, mustard oil are pretty good and relaxing for hair growth.

    • Castor Oil is so amazing! You can practically use it for everything! I will have to do some research on Mustard Oil, interesting to learn what It can do for my hair texture.
      Thank you for commenting. Hope you are enjoying the blog!
      -Toccara Renee

      • Mustard oil has been recommended to me by a lot of people, and it might smell strong. But it does allow hair to be softer and somehow gives it this stronger and less vulnerable texture!
        Loving your blog <3

      • Ooo my! then it most certainly must be tried! I’m Thinking paired with a deep conditioner. Thanks for the tips! You rock!
        Appreciate your support! <3

        You're writing is great! Keep inspiring :-)

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