11 Natural Hair Vloggers for 4C/4B Curls

4C Vloggers

If you’ve been searching and scouring YouTube for a natural hair lifeline and keep getting the dial tone – this is the post for you! All of us here at Curly Deviants have gone through the same thing. In fact, that’s how and why this site was launched in the first place! ToccaraRenee and I were super grumpy because we couldn’t find someone that had 4C hair like ours. Where were our Curly Soul-mates?! Why were they so hard to find? Did anyone have our hair texture?

The answer is YES. Lol. We aren’t alone! *fistpump*

1. Dawnyele


2. Kinky Curly Coily Me!


3. MsTanish1


4. LuvnDaNaturalHairMe


5. ahsiek1118


6. TheGoodHairBlog


7.  ToyabooTresses


8. xGOLDn


9. 160Days2Lose2


10. iknowlee


11. Curly Deviants (US!)


We hope this helps you in your natural hair journey!

Do you have any 4C YouTube Hair Gurus you’d like to share?



12 Comments on “11 Natural Hair Vloggers for 4C/4B Curls

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  3. Thank you for the inspirationalists! Finally true 4b and 4c. This was very encouraging.

    • You’re very welcome!! I know how it is to feel discouraged because you can’t find any bloggers or hair types that are the same as yours. :)

      Truly hopes this helps you!

  4. Great post! There are plenty more bloggers to mention. I have a Youtube channel “Nappyfu”. Blog coming soon. In the meantime I post on Facebook n instagram check it out I hv tons of hairspiration.

    God bless.

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