The Benefits of Mango Butter


The end of June marked Hyde Parks 53rd Street Art Fair in Chicago. Live music, handmade jewelry, peddlers with oils and authentic black soap, this fair is always a source of happiness for me. I always enjoy coming to the fair and listening to the sounds- the bargaining, the laughter, the dancing feet. It makes my heart warm seeing smiles on the faces of my peers and the jaunt in the step of my elders.

My last visit to the fair I walked home with my first piece of African American art – I think I texted all my friends when I bought it. Lol. This time I purchased some Mango Butter…I’m already regretting not buying the big tub. *grumble grumble*

As I’m currently in LOVE with the scent and my smooth skin that’s glowing from it’s usage, I thought I’d share some of the benefits associated with the butter.

This is the Mango Butter I purchased from the fair :)

Mango Butter has natural emollient properties, wound healing, and regenerative activity. Mango Butter has been traditionally used in the rainforests and tropics for its skin softening, soothing, moisturizing and protective properties and to restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells. It has a protective effect against UV radiation. Mango Butter will provide improvements and benefits in all the conditions listed below. As you experiment with this butter you are likely to discover additional uses. Dermatologists often recommend Mango Butter for the treatment of wrinkles, as most people who use it will notice decreased signs of aging and the disappearance of lines and wrinkles within 4 to 6 weeks of daily use. Reasons to use Mango Butter:

  • Effectively treats dry skin
  • Heals skin rash
  • Heals skin peeling, after tanning
  • Clears blemishes and wrinkles
  • Relieves itching skin
  • Heals sunburn
  • Shaving cream for a smooth shave
  • Treats small skin wounds and skin cracks
  • Moisturizes and smoothes tough or rough skin
  • Fights frost bite
  • Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy
  • Relieves insect bites
  • Promotes healthy rejuvenated skin
  • Heals muscle fatigue, aches and tension
  • Relieves skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak
  • Treats eczema and dermatitis
  • Fights off fine lines and wrinkle
Do you use Mango Butter?

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