Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists 4

Now, you guys know ya gurl is watching her money so there was no way I was heading into the beauty shop to drop a nice $100 on this style (but if you can afford it, GO FOR IT!). Plus, I love being able to do my own hair! Trust me, it’s not hard at all.

I’m going to attempt to answer some of your questions – I hope these help!

  1. How long did it take? 
    • I started Friday evening after I got off from work – (shoutout to Summer Friday’s!). I took breaks, watched TV and otherwise didn’t stay focused, so all in all it took me about 8 hours. I ended up going to sleep and finishing it up Saturday. So yes, you can finish in a day!
  2. What hair did you use?
    • I used 100% Kanekalon braiding hair.
  3. How much was it (the hair)?
    • The hair was $1.99. Yes, that’s right – $1.99!!!!!! Just regular old braiding hair.
  4. How many bags of hair did you use?
    • Okay, this may seem like a lot (because it IS) but I used 10 bags of hair!
  5. How did you do your twists?
    • I started the hair in a twist, not a braid. Therefore my twists are fairly loose, meaning they MAY not last as long. I don’t mind though, because I’d rather not have tight braids on my head. I seperated two small pieces of hair, twisted them into the braiding hair and just twisted all the way down to the end. I dipped the ends in boiling water to “lock” the hair – sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.
    • I may put up a video tutorial at some point, if people are interested in the twisting style and not braiding.
  6. How long will they last?
    • I’m not too sure, since I twisted them loosely. I’m hoping for 4 weeks (or longer), but we shall see! :)

This is the hair I used to do my Senegalese Twists

Senegalese TwistsSenegalese TwistsSenegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists

I love them! I’ve gotten a billion and one compliments so far, and even some people asking me if I do them for other people. Haha.

Also, BIG BIG BIG SHOUTOUT to my roomie Jo for taking these pics! You’re AWESOME!!!

Let me know if you guys have more questions! 

Do you have Senegalease Twists? How do you like them?



36 Comments on “Senegalese Twists

  1. I love your hair! I want this hairstyle for school and Im glad I found this website because it has helped me with my hair journey .

    • Hi I like your Senegalese twist. If it burned buy hair blower a bit, woven together and dry how to get it separated and smooth again

  2. super cute! I want to get them done. I have natural hair and hate paying anyone to do my own hair but after seeing this post I may just do them myself. The lady was going to charge me 150…so maybe I will spend my $12 for some hair and do them myself…

    • Thanks! And EXACTLY. I was like “Wait wait wait… $120?!” I ran my butt so fast to YouTube I got whiplash. Lol. They’re seriously not hard to do and TOTALLY worth it. I love them a ton.

  3. I;m currently transitioning and want to know if you hair grow a lot while you had the braids in? Did it make your hair thin? Because I heard sometimes braids can do that.
    Thanks in advance! :)

    • Hi! These were actually twists. I left them in for about a month. I’d say my hair grew normally – not anything radically different. :)

  4. Your hair is absolutely beautiful. I have Senegalese twists now but can’t get them to seal with the boiling water method. Help!

    • Thank you!!

      And I know, I know – it was a task for me as well! Some sealed and some didn’t. Your other option is to use some hair glue right about where the twist will end. It has less of a chance to snag like burning the ends would. Sorry for the late response, but I hope this helps!

  5. Your hair is sooooo PRETTY i had to save the pic when I did this hair style but the ends keep unraveling after I put them in boiling water. What did you do to make the ends so smooth? And also what is the name of the hair you used?

    • Hola!! Thank you very much! ^_^

      And I actually had the same issues. Some sealed, some didn’t. I actually boiled them TWICE. The second time they stayed better. Your other option is to use hair glue right above where the twist ends, to keep it together.

      There is a picture of the hair I used in the post. Its just regular Kanekalon hair – any will work!

  6. hi!
    this may sound redundant but your twists are GORGEOUS!!
    on another note; i to have some and after less then a week they are getting frizzy!! any ideas on what i should do?

    also some are already getting loose :( any ideas on what i should do? or just youtube how to put these suckers back in??

    thanks so much :)

    • Awwww. Thank you zenia!!!

      Hmmm. What kind of hair did you use? And where is it getting frizzy? The twist of the root? I made sure misted with water and ran some moisturizer over my hair at LEAST every other night – then I put on a scarf to keep the frizz at bay. If you hair is natural, however, and you used straight hair – there’s no way you WON’T see the different textures (at least in a few places).

      As for them getting loose – that happens! Just take a quick look at a YouTube video and put it back in :)

      Hope this helps!

  7. Your hair looks fab!
    I’ve found greasing the ends of the twist before dipping helps seal them well.

  8. Im considering getting senegalese twists this weekend but am worried the back of my hair is too short. I recently had a pixi cut hair style and am wondering how short is too short? I imagine if it was straightened it would be longer, but I hear its not good to do that before getting this done.

    • Hi Jessica! Personally, I wouldn’t suggest straightening your hair before getting the twists. Your beautician will be able to determine if your hair is long enough to get them!!!

  9. How many inches were in each package of hair and where can you buy them?

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  11. Did any fall out ? Im trying to see whether to braid mine at the root or twist

    • None fell out for me! I guess my tightly coiled hair helped with that. But if they are twisted in correctly with the hair I don’t see why it wouldn’t stay with either straight or curly hair.

  12. Your twist are cute! But the end of my twists are really frizzy and it is hard to make them come apart, i think it is because I burned them, do you know of any way i could reduce the frizzy look?

  13. Your Braids Are Fab Darlingg (;
    I Was Wondering how Do You Make Them Stay Together Until Your Done With your Whole Head And Ready To Boil At The End ?

  14. Go to the shop. The 150 is so worth it. They last longer and muchh tighter and muchhh neater. They are suppose to look like long kinky twist, not regular twist you put in your childs hair. And mine only took 3 bags if hair

    • They’re beading cuff. Google it, you can usually see them on Dreads. I like them too

  15. How did you put those beeds in, i was thinking of doig that to my twist.

  16. tried to do them and they did not work . can u tell me what am i doing wrong

  17. I have the twist but I couldn’t get a tight enough grip so my twist are loose. What can I do to make sure the don’t come out because its almost back to school & I can’t afford to take them out right now && get a different style. So could you please email me thanks!

    • Ariana,

      you have two options, to try to twist slightly tighter when doing the invisible root method or on your next try, you have the option to braid the roots for a securer grip then continue twisting. Hope this info helps! Sorry for the late reply.
      best of luck


  18. I just did crochet senegalese twists and I love them! However, I didn’t think they would reach below my bottom! I’m fairly short, only 5″ so the twists are much longer looking than I thought they would be. Your twists look very nice! They are a bit bigger than what I’ve seen on Youtube though. If you had made them smaller do you think you wouldn’t have had touse 10 packs? I think I used 8 on my hair. Be sure to use the jumbo braiding kanekalon hair. It has more hair in the package than regular packs :)

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