Wednesday “Wows”


We are so excited to start a new weekly feature here on We’ll be sharing some of our favorite websites, recipes, articles, videos, and pictures that inspire us to get our hands dirty in the kitchen, create from a place of love and dream outside the box <3

Join us here EVERY Wednesday for our Wednesday “Wows”!

Without further ado, here is our first set:

1. Pretty sure we could eat this Raw Raspberry Jam for days…

2. MsTBennett couldn’t be more excited about the Mastering Your DSLR course she’s taking with A Beautiful Mess!

3. Two words – Pistachio Butter. And sea bass?! OMG.

ALL of Diss and Dat 1

4. *drool* Can this Chunk Chocolate Buckwheat Granola look anymore amazing?!

5. Totally want these Reversible Instagram Coasters on our tables. ASAP.

6. Yes please to this Brussels Sprout & Avocado Salad.

7. Where is spring?! This lime green DIY Statement Necklace is calling our name!

8. Get in touch with your inner Latina with this DIY Sofrito Recipe, Que Rico!

9. ToccaraRenee has found her Wedding Dress, next on the list: husband shopping! :-)


10.  These Ombre Nails are just in time for spring!

11. Flower Crowns are where we hide our magical powers. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

12.  So you mean to tell me,  I can have a 5 minute Brownie and not feel guilty? Where do I sign up?!

13.  Nesting with the Sparrows, sounds like heaven!

14. #followhim


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